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JET-recommended Medical Facilities

The Fukuoka Prefecture Medical Center provides a directory of all medical centers in any area of Fukuoka prefecture. The search engine on this site helps you narrow down your needs based on language preference, medical service required and the area in which you live.

The US Embassy also provides a list of English-speaking doctors in Fukuoka here.

Fukuoka City Region

Fukuoka City

International Clinic Tojimachi provides general internal medicine care. Dr. Schlemper is fluent in English, Japanese, and Dutch. The clinic also dispenses birth control pills and offers STI testing. A short walk from Tojimachi subway station.

1-4-6 Jigyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City

Clinic for Sports Medicine and Nutrition offers orthopedic consultations and physical therapy. Dr. Junya Takeda is a certified Pilates instructor and incorporates Pilates movements into the physical therapy aspect of his clinic. English-speaking staff are not on duty every day, so confirm this before visiting. A one-minute walk west of Yakuin Station (both Nishitetsu train and city subway).

1F, High Hills Bldg., 1-5-6, Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City


Kitakyushu City Region

Kitakyushu City

Emergency Medical Clinic is the best place to go in an emergency, day or night.

1-7-1 Bashaku Kokurakita-ku. 093-522-9999.

Hamaguchi Women’s Health Clinic provides birth control, STD testing, prenatal care, check-ups and PAP smears. Dr. Hamaguchi speaks English well as he attended school at UCLA in the US and worked in Hawaii. Nishitetsu Bus #4 passes directly in front of his office.

2-14-24 Kiyomizu, Kokurakita-ku. 093-561-0776.

Kuroki Hiro Clinic’s Dr. Mika Migita speaks English and prefers Chinese medicine to general antibiotics. 9am-12:30 p.m., 2:30-6 p.m. Dr. Migita is there Mon, Thu, Sat, but if it’s an emergency a nurse speaks English. Take the bus to Itozu-no-mori Koen-mae (到津の森公園) bus stop and walk towards the used car. There’s a large sign for the clinic nearby.

3-8-11 Kami Itozu, Kokurakita-ku. 093-651-3847.

Yoshitake Hospital’s kind doctor speaks some English.

7-23 Minamiwakazono-machi, Kokuraminami-ku. 093-962-1288.

Kokura Memorial Hospital (Kokura Kinen Byouin, 小倉記念病院). This hospital opened in 2011 and is located five minutes behind Kokura Station. State-of-the-art equipment and friendly people. Some staff members and doctors are able to assist you in English. Kokurakita-ku, Asano 3-2-1 (小倉北区浅野3丁目21) 093-511-2000


Shirakawa Clinic. The doctor here speaks very good English. On Route 10 North of Nafco. 2-4-3 Kitaizumi, Yukuhashi-City. 0930-26-1103.

Shinyukuhashi Hospital offers a variety of services. 5 minute walk from Shindembaru JR station (新田原駅), south along Route 10.

1411 Yukuhashi Dojoji (行橋市道場寺1411), 093-024-8899.


Buzen Ganka (豊前眼科). Optometrist. Walk straight out of Unoshima station, and at the first light turn right. Walk straight until you get to the next light (Buzen Post Office will be on your left) and turn right. After one block, it will be on your left.

Buzen Hachiya 2044-1 (豊前市八屋2044-1), 0979-82-4800.

Chikugo Region


Mada Clinic’s Dr. Yuji Mada is a preferred physician among many JETs in the region. He specializes in gastrointestinal medicine and orthopedics. A ten-minute walk from JR Hainuzuka Station.

#330 Daijiinoi, Chikugo City


Hirai Clinic provides general internal medicine care. Its director, Dr. Kano, speaks a fair amount of English.

584-2 Kiyose, Yoshii-machi, Ukiha City

Chikuho Region