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Currency Exchange

Most big banks can exchange yen into foreign currencies. US dollars are usually stocked on-site but if you want to buy more than what is currently available, you may have to place an order and wait a few days for it to be delivered from a larger branch. The same procedure is used for harder-to-find currencies like those of Southeast Asia. Settle exchange issues at least one week before you travel. Generally it is more difficult to convert foreign currency back into yen when you return to Japan.

Major branches of Fukuoka Bank have currency exchange services.  In Kurume, both Meiji Dori branches offer services on the 2nd floor.  In Fukuoka Airport, the bank near the subway entrance can help you and exchange services are also available in the International Terminal 2F.  Most major banks in the big cities have this option, so please check with your local branch for the closest one.