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Internet Shopping

With the rise of online outlets, I’m sure every person who reads this has at least browsed if not purchased multiple items via the Internet.  It can truly be an asset especially in a country that tends not to have many international products.  Beware, customs charges are somewhat high and shipping costs can almost double the price of your purchase.




ASOS (pronounced A-sauce) is women’s and men’s clothing online retailer based in the UK.  The site stocks designer brands, its own ASOS brand, accessories, shoes, and clothing.  Prices range from dirt cheap to astronomical and they stock petite and plus sizes too.  The pièce de résistance of this site is that they offer free shipping on ALL orders.


Jessica London

This store caters to the plus-sized sophisticate looking for a wide range of products, styles, colors and prices.  The site ships internationally.



Yoyo Market

Yoyo market is an Internet shop catering to those without cars and without easy access to a Costco or IKEA.  The site has most of the available COSTCO products online and allows you to browse an IKEA catalog to then request that they personal shop for you and then ship.  Shipping is charged by the box and can be paid with a credit card or COD.


Foreign Buyers Club

This website has a decent selection of specialty foods including meats, sauces, and prepackaged American fare (think Kraft Macaroni and Cheese or Hamburger Helper).  They can also ship frozen food items.


The Meat Guy

The Meat Guy is a great option if you’re looking for a Thanksgiving ham or a Christmas turkey.  Customers can also order lamb, gourmet sausages, kebobs and other fanciful slabs that aren’t found in local grocery stores.




Rakuten is the Japanese version of Amazon or eBay (without the bidding).  There is a HUGE array of items on this site with incredible deals.  There is also a travel section which is great for booking flight and hotel combinations.  Know that the main site in Japanese has many more options than its English counterpart.

http://www.rakuten.co.jp (Japanese)

http://www.global.rakuten.com (English)