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Events and Festivals (matsuri 祭り)

Events and Festivals in Fukuoka

August  八月  (Hachigatsu) Western Japan Ohori Fireworks Display Fukuoka City. Kyushu’s largest display of fireworks in an urban setting takes place right in the middle of Fukuoka City. Chikugo River Festival Kurume. The biggest display of fireworks in all of Kyushu, with 18,000 launched over the river. Wasshoi Hyakuman Summer Festival, Kitakyushu. The city’s largest …

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Events and Festivals in Kyushu

August (13th-15th)The O-bon Lantern Festival, Nagasaki-shi. (third weekend) Midsummer Waterfall Climb, Nanayama, Saga Ken (call 0955-58-2405) October (first weekend) Nagasaki Kunchi Festival, Nagasaki City. The biggest of the okunchi (autumn festivals in northern Kyushu), Nagasaki Kunchi features many different kinds of dances, including the city’s signature dragon dance! (second Monday) Yufuin’s Ushizui Zekkyo Taikai in …

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