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Football (Soccer)



The Japanese Football League System is comprised of three tiers. The top two are from the Japan Professional Football League, better known as J.League, which is split into division one and two. The third tier is the Japan Football League or JFL which is sometimes considered to be semi-professional.

Avispa Fukuoka plays in the J.League division 2.  Level-5 stadium is their home stadium located in Hakata.  For more information, please see their official homepage (Japanese): http://www.avispa.co.jp/

Giravanz Kitakyushu, formerly known as New Wave Kitakyushu, recently joined the J.League division 2 (J2).  Their home stadium, Honjo,  is located in Wakamatsu.  For a schedule of games please see their official home page (Japanese): http://www.giravanz.jp/