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Art in Fukuoka

This list was compiled by Lauren Every-Wortman and originally appeared in The Refill.

Art Spaces in Hakata

 Art Space Tetra


A small space on a street of houses, this first-floor gallery holds frequently changing exhibitions and live performances. The owners speak English, so this might be a good place to go if you’re an art lover who likes to ask questions.

Gallery Artlier


Located on B2 of Hakata Riverain (Nakasu-Kawabata station), this gallery boasts an interesting array of contemporary Japanese exhibitions and performances. It is managed by The Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion and sits next to the Information Corner. There, you can get information about local art and cultural events, purchase tickets, buy museum trinkets and grab a coffee or a bite to eat.

Yamane Art Lab


This space is literally someone’s 10th-floor apartment, but don’t let that scare you! The owner lived in New York for a few years, speaks great English and might even chat with you on his sofa! Oh, and he shows beautiful paintings and prints on his living room walls.

Fuji Photo Salon


Check out some Fujifilm photography contests and have a meal at this photo gallery and cafe. You might even find a few contest fliers lying around if you’re interested in entering!

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum


Located on the top floors of the Nakasu-Kawabata station building. Be sure to check out their free rotating permanent exhibition room and grab a delicious (but expensive) coffee in their beautifully designed cafe.


Art Spaces in and around Tenjin

3 Studio and Exhibition Space


Next to a custom motorcycle shop on the Suzaki Pier, this warehouse space is a little out of the way, but if it’s a nice day for a walk around the wharf you should definitely check it out.

Art Space Baku


Have a look in their small art space before having a relaxing cup of coffee or glass of preferred spirits in the attached cafe.

Konya 2023


Don’t miss this contemporary gallery tucked down a Daimyo alley and up a flight of stairs.  Depending on the show, it might be worth the hunt.

Artium (IMS building 8F)


Up on the 8F of the IMS building, this one is also easy to miss, but try to stop by.

Institute France-Japan of Kyushu


If there isn’t a show on, there’s at least a movie to watch.

Fukuoka Art Museum


Contemporary and historical art such as woodblock prints, Edo-period vases and paintings. Don’t miss Yayoi Kusama’s Pumkpin near the entrance.

Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art


Located in Suzaki Park, a 15-minute walk from Tenjin, this museum has a variety of shows,  but they try to concentrate on artists from Fukuoka.

Gallery Moryta


A second-floor gallery in Akasaka featuring contemporary art, photography, and lectures.

IAF Shop


Check their schedule for screenings and performances, including paintings, collage, pop art and contemporary pieces.

Gallery Toile (Towaru)


This is a craft-based gallery featuring glass works, ceramics and handmade jewelry.  Come see what the local artists and artisans have to show you.


Other Art Spaces in Chuo-ku

Gallery Lumo http://gallerylumo.com/

Tokopola Annexe http://www.tokopola.com/outline/

Gallery Oishi http://www.shintencho.or.jp/galleryoishi/

Gallery Kaze http://www.gkaze.jp/

Gallery SEL http://www.shintencho.or.jp/gallerysel/index.html