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What is AJET?

AJET is the Association for the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. AJET provides information and support to the 4,000+ JETs residing across Japan. Originally requiring a 3,000 yen new member fee, AJET is now free and open to all JETs who choose to register at Tokyo Orientation or online.

National AJET

National AJET is the nationwide managing body of AJET. Its responsibilities include helping to organize and facilitate JET Tokyo Orientation, maintaining the AJET website, running the AJET Internationalization and Teaching Awards every spring, showing exceptional examples of JET involvement within Japanese communities, increasing post-employment opportunities via the JET Returners’ Conference in February, and promoting valuable ways in which to teach English and further internationalization within local areas.

More information can be found at http://www.ajet.net or for those of you with an iphone, ipad or ipod touch, download the new AJET app for iPhone/iPad to stay up to date with what is happening on AJET.

Fukuoka AJET Services

Fukuoka AJET is one of the many prefectural arms of National AJET. There are four main ways in which AJET reaches out to the JET network through these prefectural chapters.  Fukuoka AJET additionally promotes other JET events in the areas outside of Fukuoka.

1. JET Fund – JET Fund is a financially supportive channel for JETs who must return to their home country in the case of a family emergency or death in the family.?Depending on the number of JET Fund members in Fukuoka prefecture, a JET wishing to go home for a funeral, etc. may receive money towards their plane ticket upon presentation of proof. Initial cost is 3,000 yen and it costs 1,000 yen each year to renew membership.

2. Tatami TimeshareTatami Timeshare is a network of JETs who can opt to both host other JETs and stay at other JETs’ apartments when they travel around Japan. (As of April 2011) Having recently changed its format, Tatami Timeshare has relocated to the Couchsurfing website as a specific group. This move caters to the many JETs who are already part of the Couchsurfing network and prevents the need for these JETs to join a separate organization.

3. Peer Support Group – The Peer Support Group runs a hotline that is available only during nighttime hours – when other in-person support organizations and systems are closed in Japan. The hotline is anonymous, free of charge, and staffed by JET peers who volunteer their time. JETs needing to talk about anything from culture shock to problems with co-workers are encouraged to call. For those interested, new Peer Support Group volunteers are taken each spring.

4. Event Coordinating – Within Fukuoka prefecture, AJET is primarily known for planning and coordinating events throughout the year. These events are open to all Fukuoka JETs and their friends. At the start of the 2010-2011 JET year, the charity group changed its name to the Fukuoka AJET Charity Group. Subsequently, it now falls under the AJET name. However, the Charity Group plans charity events while Fukuoka AJET coordinates social events. Updates from both entities are sent jointly from the Fukuoka AJET email account.

Fukuoka AJET Position Descriptions

Prefectural Representative
* Fukuoka AJET Leader, extra Event Coordinator
* Initiates AJET event/update discussions
* Responsible for updating AJET Handbook
* Serves at the official point of contact
* Regularly checks Fukuoka JET email account
* Manages the official AJET bank book (AJET cash, JET Fund, Charity Group funds)
* Updates financial spreadsheets monthly
* Assists with bank transfers for payments due
* Helps collect money at monthly meetings
Charity Group Representative
* Preferably already a Charity Group member
* Relays CG information for use in AJET emails
* Works with the Treasurer regarding CG funds
* Serves as a point of contact for AJET ‘s PA Liaisons
Communications Director
* A Public Relations position
* Responsible for Fukuoka AJET’s mass emails
* Makes flyers, sign-up sheets, Facebook events
* Delegates AJET’s announcement responsibilities
* Prepares website updates
Event Coordinators (3-4)
* Plan and coordinate AJET social events
* Find event venues
* Act as contacts to various restaurants, clubs, and organizations
* Organize tickets and reservations
* Communicate with the Treasurer regarding funds

Big Five Events

1. Fukuoka JET Welcome Party (immediately following Fukuoka JET Orientation in August)
2. Softbank Hawks Baseball Game (late summer/early fall)
3. A Day Out at Kyushu Basho (Fukuoka Sumo Tournament in November)
4. Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing party in late March/early April)
5. Fukuoka JET Sayonara Party (last Saturday in June)