Nov 08

Huge Sinkhole near Hakata Station

*Update: As of November 15 (Tuesday), the road where the sinkhole was has been restored and reopened to traffic.

On November 8 (Tuesday), at 5:15AM, the road at Hakataekimae 2-chome intersection caved in. As of 9AM, the sinkhole has opened up to around 20 square meters.

Water and power supplies have been shut off in the area. Certain roads around the accident have also be closed to traffic. Residents near the area are advised to evacuate.

The accident is expected to continue to affect traffics around Hakata Ward for the upcoming weeks (and maybe months). Please be aware of potential traffic inconvenience when traveling to the area.

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Jun 22

Sayonara to the Forums

Hello Fukuoka JETs, I hope you are well, and are managing to stay dry under this rainy season!

We have some sad news for you: the Fukuoka JET Forum will be permanently shut down on July 1 (Friday).

The JET Forum had been a place of active discussions and information exchange for both incoming and current JETs. Unfortunately, with the increasing popularity of SNSs, the Forum is having less and less visitors and active users each year. Therefore, we PAs have decided that it is time for the Forum to enjoy its retirement.

Future distribution of materials will be done through PAs by email.

Please feel free to retrieve anything from the forum before it closes. If you have any problems with signing in etc., please do not hesitate to contact the web administrator at

Jun 08

Welcome to Fukuoka, incoming JETs!

Incoming JETs of the 2016-2017 JET year have started to receive their placement information. If you are a new JET who received a placement in Fukuoka Prefecture, congratulations!

You must be eager to find out more information about your placement. You may still have to wait a while before receiving more specifics – hang in there! In the meantime, here is some general information to get you started.

There are three different types of CIRs in Fukuoka Prefecture. If you are a CIR placed in Kitakyushu City, you will be a Kitakyushu City CIR. CIRs placed in Fukuoka-ken will be Prefectural CIRs. CIRs whose placement information includes the name of a city or town (other than Kitakyushu City) will be Municipal CIRs.

Just like CIRs, ALTs are divided into three different types: Kitakyushu City ALTs, Prefectural ALTs and Municipal ALTs. If you are an ALT placed in Kitakyushu City, it means you will be a Kitakyushu City ALT. Kitakyushu City ALTs are based at the Kitakyushu City Board of Education and visit mainly junior high schools within Kitakyushu City.

If you are an ALT placed in Fukuoka-ken, you will be a Prefectural ALT. There are two types of Prefectural ALTs: junior high school and senior high school. Prefectural junior high school ALTs are based in an office and visit many junior high schools and elementary schools within their region. Prefectural senior high school ALTs are based in one high school. They may teach exclusively at that high school, or they may have up to one visit school where they teach two days a week.

If you are an ALT and your placement information includes the name of a city or town (other than Kitakyushu City), you are a Municipal ALT. You will be based in an office and will visit junior high schools and elementary schools in your city/town.

Over the next month you should start to receive more specific information about your placement. In the meantime, please take advantage of the information on this website – especially the newcomers section and the FAQ!

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