Mar 01

FAJET March Events!

It’s March, which means that spring is finally (almost) upon us! For those looking to enjoy some spring festivities, check out FAJET’s upcoming events!

Saint Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl (March 17)

A great way to GET YOUR IRISH ON and for new JET’s to get to know some of the older JET’s and vice versa. Seamus will tell us the history of St. Patrick’s Day and teach us a song or two. We will be walking to The Ship, The Celts and finishing at Irish Pub The Leprechaun near Tenjin station. Finger food will be served at each pub and a competition of sorts will be held. All surplus proceeds will go towards Fukuoka AJET Charity. RSVP by March 12th.

Hanami 2018 (March 31)

See the gorgeous cherry blossoms in full bloom at Maizuru Park, the home of Fukuoka Castle ruins – once the largest castle in Kyushu. While gazing at the beautiful Sakura trees, enjoy a Japanese-style picnic with other JETs. RSVP by March 25th.

RSVP to AJET via email at

Oct 02 back up and running!

Hello, World!

I’m happy to announce that is back up and running!  Thanks to everyone for your patience while the PA team looked in to this issue.  Now that we’re back in business, and things have started to get back to normal in the JET calendar, the PA team will be reevaluating the website and considering changes both aesthetic and functional.  If you have any comments, or would like to help out on the technical or artistic side of things, please don’t hesitate to email your PA!

Jul 04

Typhoon Season

Hello fellow JETs!

As you know, a typhoon has passed by the Fukuoka area today. As we are approaching the midst of the typhoon season, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with what you should do before and during a typhoon.

A typhoon is a tropical cyclone. During a typhoon you can expect strong wind and heavy rain. Before a typhoon hits, it is wise to secure outdoor belongings (e.g. plants on your balcony). In the event of a strong typhoon with very strong wind and heavy rain, it is recommended that you stay indoors and wait for the typhoon to pass.

For those of you who will be travelling this summer, please be aware of the chance of typhoon, which often causes delay and cancellation of flights and boat rides, etc.

Click here for useful weather forecast websites and more information on what to do in natural diasters.


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